Weed Trimmer Repairs

If you’re looking to tame the weeds that grow in the cracks in your sidewalk or to make sure that you keep control of the weed growth near your home where your lawnmower simply cannot reach, you’re going to need a weed trimmer. A weed trimmer is an extremely simple piece of machinery, consisting of an engine that rotates a disc that uses fibrous filaments to cut weeds. The filaments are not so sturdy that they can damage your home or trees that you may have in your yard, but they are sturdy enough that they can cut through the problem weeds.

If your weed trimmer isn’t working the way it should be, it might be in your best interest to try repairing it before you look into replacing it.

West Side Small Engine Repair can offer you the following services to fix your weed trimmer:

Engine Maintenance

Because a weed trimmer is so very simple a piece of equipment, if you’re having issues with it not rotating properly or not rotating at all, the likely cause is something in the engine. This can range from something as simple as the use of improper fuel for the engine to mechanical failure that requires engine replacement. Whatever the cause may be, having a professional diagnose the problem is likely to be less expensive than purchasing a new weed trimmer.

Trimmer Maintenance

The small rotating portion at the end of the weed trimmer can also be a source of problems. When in use, this trimmer is in the middle of throwing weeds in every direction, and sometimes that can cause some sort of failure or blockage that leads to it failing to rotate properly. Whatever the case may be, West Side Small Engine Repair can diagnose the issues your trimmer is having and find a solution.

Repair Costs

It could be far more affordable to have your trimmer repaired instead of replacing it. We ask you to call us for current rates and estimation of repair. If you are looking for a more precise estimate of the price for fixing your weed trimmer issues, contact West Side Small Engine Repair at 720-277-1579.