As the winter months approach here in Colorado, it is best that you ensure your snow-moving equipment is ready before the storms begin. There’s nothing worse than when the first snowfall of the season comes and you find out you’re unable to move the snow and get out of your driveway or to get the snow out of the parking lot of your small business.

Snow plow repairs can be a large task to take on if you haven’t done repairs or maintenance before. If you’re having any issues with your plow we’re here to help. Whether you have one snow plow or a full fleet, we can help. We have 15+ years of experience repairing and helping to maintain plows for the winter season.

Different Types Of Snow Plows

Snow plows run the gamut from a simple blade that is easy to mount to the front of a pickup truck or a John Deere tractor to a small riding vehicle, similar to a riding lawn mower designed around being able to push a plow. Simply mounted plows are easier to work on, but unless you’re a mechanic or have experience in working with engines, motors, or hydraulics, you’re not likely to be able to work on those mounted plows yourself, and even less likely to be able to work on the riding plows.

Test Them Before You Need Them

One of the best ways to avoid being unable to remove the snow from your home or business is to start up your snow plow in the fall months. Start it up and, if possible, raise and lower the blade, and manipulate it in any other way possible. If it’s a riding snow plow, test to see if you are able to drive it forward and back. If the engines or motors sound ragged or are struggling to perform basic tasks, it is important that you take them in.

Other things you should check for when you’re looking at your snow plow are the usual signs of damage and wear and tear. Remember that for many snow plows, they spend their lifespan exposed not only to snow and extreme cold, but also to salt, which will cause rust to develop much more swiftly. Is there excessive rust? Is there damage to the blade, or has it worn to the point where it may not be useful? Are there other signs of obvious damage that are causing, or are likely to cause a problem in the near future?

If you try to use your snow plow and you find it isn’t working correctly, or you find something that leads you to believe you’ll have problems in the near future, do not hesitate to take action.

Repair Rates

Total repair costs may vary, please call the office for current rates. For a more detailed diagnosis of repairs please contact us or give us a call and we’ll be happy to get a quote for what we think the work will take to complete.

Give us a call today at 720-277-1579, and get your snow plow repaired.