If you live in Colorado, you either need to have a snow blower of some sort, or you need to have a strong back and a sturdy snow shovel. If you have a snow blower that isn’t operating properly, it’s best to get someone to look at it before the winter sets in and you need to use it.

A snow blower is a simple piece of machinery. It consists of an engine that drives an auger assembly. That auger assembly picks up the snow, and it propels it through an adjustable chute. The more complex and expensive models may include a system to provide power to the wheels to assist with moving the snow blower.

West Side Small Engine Repair can provide the following services to help keep your snow blower running:

Auger Maintenance

The auger assembly is sometimes known as the ‘blades’ of the snow blower. It is what allows the snow blower to pick up the snow and throw it out of your driveway and into your yard, and the blades, as with any blades, do need occasional maintenance. The auger also needs to be clear to rotate freely, or else the snow blower will not move the snow far enough to be of any use.

Engine Maintenance

Depending on how expensive and complex your snow blower is, the engine either does little more than drive the auger and propel the snow, or it can also drive the blower and make moving it a breeze. Whether your blower is an inexpensive one designed for keeping the snow off of your driveway and walkways or a commercial riding model that can remove the snow from a parking lot in mere minutes, the engine is extremely important to the snow removal process.

Though the concept behind the engine may be a simple-to-understand, the actual maintenance can be a bit more complex. Diagnosing engine problems and fixing them will allow you to keep your snow blower functioning properly, as well as ensuring that the engine will last longer without needing replacement. If your snow blower hasn’t been performing quite like it should, be sure to contact West Side Small Engine Repair as soon as possible.

Repair costs

Repair costs may vary, but it’s never a bad idea to get a more detailed estimate to know whether replacement or repair would be a better decision. We ask you to call us for current rates and estimation of repair. If you have questions or are just looking for a more precise estimate of the work your engine may need, don’t hesitate to call 720-277-1579.