Whether you have a single mower that needs to be repaired or needs ongoing maintenance of your commercial mowers, you have found the right repair shop!

Lawnmower Repair

Making sure that your lawnmower is receiving the proper maintenance is essential. They are expensive and complex pieces of machinery, with engines that need to be properly taken care of, with wheels that need to be properly set for the cut that you want out of your lawn, and with blades that should be periodically sharpened to ensure that they will be able to properly cut the lawn.

A few services that we can offer you include:

Taking Care of the Blades

A sharp lawn mower blade will be able to slice through the grass with ease and will make sure that the lawn has a beautifully manicured look to it. A lawnmower blade that has dulled through use without sharpening, on the other hand, will make it much more likely to tear the grass, rather than cutting the grass.

Depending on the age of the blade and its condition, the blade may need replacing, rather than sharpening. If you use your lawnmower in a rocky area, for example, the blade’s lifespan is going to be much shorter, especially if you’re cutting close enough that the blade is hitting pebbles. Whatever service the blade needs, West Side Small Engine Repair can provide.

Engine Maintenance

It is generally accepted that there are three kinds of different lawnmowers. The first is the kind whose engine needs only to drive the motor for the blade. The second is the kind of lawnmower whose engine drives the motor for the blade as well as providing some small amount of assistance in moving the lawn mower forward. The third is the riding lawnmower, where the engine produces much more horsepower to move the lawnmower, while also producing the needed energy to rotate the blade or blades.
Whether you have a simple lawn mower for home use or a riding lawnmower for commercial use, the engine is of the utmost importance. An engine not functioning means that it simply won’t start, or that it will not function well enough to properly mow the lawn. If you’re having engine problems with your lawnmower, seeking engine repair will likely be much less expensive than having to replace your lawnmower. West Side Small Engine Repair can fix any type of lawnmower engine, from the most basic home-use lawnmower to the most complex commercial-use lawnmower.

Repair Costs

From small push mowers to large riding mowers, West Side Repairs has the experience and tools to fix your mower quickly, and at a fair price. We ask you to call us for current rates and estimation of repair.

If your lawnmower needs maintaining, don’t hesitate to call us at 720-277-1579 for a more detailed estimate of what we can do to get your lawnmower running properly again.