The warmer months of the year are the best time to tackle the task of cutting down any dead tree that you may have near your home. To do that requires a chainsaw, and for a chainsaw to work, the engine needs to be functioning properly. A chainsaw with a poorly-functioning engine can end up snapping the chain causing injury, or it can end up stuck in a tree. Before you tackle the dead wood you may have in your backyard, bring your chainsaw in for a tune-up!

Here are just a few services West Side Small Engine Repair can offer for your chainsaw:

Engine Repair

If your chainsaw is not turning properly or at a stable speed, or if it’s not capable of cutting through a tree or log, it may need engine work. Obviously, if it’s not turning at all, the engine is the most likely culprit for the failure.
Before you replace your non-functioning chainsaw, though, it may be much cheaper to simply repair or replace the engine.

Chain Repair or Replacement

The chain on your chainsaw is an important part of maintenance. Not only does your chain ensure that you can cut through whatever wood you may be cutting, but if you fail to maintain it, it can snap and injure you or others nearby. Proper maintenance of the chain, and knowing when to replace the chain, is very important to make sure that you can use your chainsaw, and that you can do so safely.

West Side Small Engine Repair can keep your chainsaw running in peak form, and make sure that you don’t have to deal with any issue that may arise from poor performance. This makes your chainsaw safer and easier-to-use, both of which make life easier for you.

Repair Costs

We ask you to call us for current rates and estimation of repair. For more information about our chainsaw repair services and how we can keep your chainsaw cutting through trees like butter, give us a call at 720-277-1579!