Small Engine Repair in Lakewood, CO

We specialize in small engine repairs if you’ve got a lawn mower, snow blower or similar small engine we can help get it running again and help maintain it. If you’re inexperienced with engine repairs or just don’t want to get dirty doing it, bring it by the shop. This is a great way to save some money and time that might otherwise be spent shopping for a new lawn appliance.

Our service technicians have over 15+ years reparing small engines. Our experience, customer service and no-hassle attitude are why we’ve become Lakewood’s first choice for small engine repairs.

What Do Small Engine Repairs Cost?

Our repair costs could vary depending on the service that your engine needs. Please call the office for current rates. If you have questions about how long a service might take you can contact us or bring your engine in for us to take a look. We’re located at:

West Side Small Engine Repair
1605 Carr St. Lakewood, CO 80214
– just north of Automedix

For a detailed estimate, call 720-277-1579

*minimum one hour charge.

Our customers must pick up their equipment within 3 days of being repaired.We charge $25 per week for storage (from the date repaired).